The MetaSecret

The Meta Secret is a book written by the international best-selling Author and Motivational Guru, Dr. Mel Gill. It has been unanimously declared as the sequel to the THE SECRET which talks about the Law of Attraction. Thinking about great things happening to us is wonderful, but we all know that it takes a certain MINDSET, a set of Specific Actions and Correct Decisions in order for us to get to where we want to be. This is what sets The META SECRET aside from The Secret.

Other than The Law of Attraction, most people don’t know that there are SIX OTHER UNIVERSAL LAWS of the universe that are in place to help us achieve what we want in our lives, and The Meta Secret teaches us just that. It is the step by step guide that will take you to the best days of your Life ahead. – Simply put, THE META SECRET is a holistic approach to improving your life, be it in Health, Finances, Wealth, Happiness and in Relationships.

Psychotherapist, Trainer of Master Trainers, Hermetic Philosopher


He believes that Wealth is simply a matter of “Connecting the Dots”. All successful people have left
clues about how to replicate their successes.

After 30 years of research in NLP, Psychology and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Gill has distilled some very
Powerful Strategies and Hidden Secrets that only the Super Rich know.

Who ever had an honor to meet Dr. Mel Gill, already knows, that his talks will be an unforgettable, mind-blowing experience, full of humor. In a Fun way and with humor, he breaks them down into Easy Action steps that enable his students to achieve their Goals and
Create an Extraordinary Life!

Dr. Gill has been recognized by the Business Times and The Sentinel as the World’s #1 Asian American Motivational Speaker. His experience in Training,
Teaching and Consulting, whether on a corporate or individual basis, spans the globe from Hong Kong to
Seattle, Chicago to Canada and Singapore to Australia.


The Seven Ancient Hermetic Laws

The Meta Secret, which is the extension of The Secret itself, reveals the seven ancient Hermetic Laws.