Ecosystem Development

Growing Communities

Kintsugi is more than a technical partner to blockchains.

We help foundations:

  • Grow Governance distribution

  • Organize community events & workshops

  • Developer relations, localization research & GTM partnerships

Kintsugi is more than a technical partner to blockchains.

When we’re laying down nodes; we’re building the foundations of strong communities

Expansive Governance

Amplifying governance distribution to ensure a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem.

Local Workshops

Hands-on events and workshops tailored to skill levels, driving blockchain literacy and adoption.

Strategic Partnerships

Kintsugi Italy is pioneering community-focused blockchain growth – one event, workshop, and partnership at a time. Leveraging local insights for Go-To-Market strategies that resonate with the Italian market and beyond.

Community Engagement

Bridging gaps and sparking dialogue with Italian blockchain enthusiasts and novices alike via Twitter Spaces.

Developer Relations

Cultivating a robust network of developers, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to innovate on the blockchain front.

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